Intel reveals 480GB and 960GB Optane 905P series SSDs

Posted 05 May 2018 02:28 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Intel today officially launched its Intel Optane 905P series SSDs, which are available in capacities of 480GB and 960GB. The 905P series is targeted at enthusiasts and prosumers and will be available with a PCIe NVMe 3.0 x4 interface.

As the Optane name already reveals, the SSDs in the 905P series make use of 3D XPoint memory instead of regular NAND. That also shows from the specified performance numbers. Intel  specifies sequential reads of a maximum of 2,600 MB/s and sequential writes at a maximum of 2,200 MB/s. Random reads are specified at a maximum of 575,000 IOPS and random writes at a maximum of 550,000 IOPS. The latency is specified at 10 microseconds.

The drives are available in two different form-factors. The 480GB drive comes in a U.2 15mm form-factor while the 960GB drive comes in a HHHL (CEM3.0) form-factor.

When it comes to reliability, a MTBF 1.6 million hours is specified with an endurance of 10 DWPD. Intel gives a 5 year warranty.

The Intel Optane 905P 480GB and 960GB have an MSRP of  $599 and $1299 respectively.

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