InteliSecure Unveils New Service for Data Protection

The leading provider of data protection services, InteliSecure, launched a new cloud-native platform to integrate the Microsoft 365 data protection into the system.

The Managed Data Protection Service for Microsoft 365 is powered by Aperture, a platform that allows companies to utilize all enterprise-level Microsoft licenses for better data protection. Being a Microsoft partner themselves, InteliSecure has developed this solution to enhance data protection services.

Organizations have the ability to integrate the disparate security tools under one service platform, enhancing the data protection program. The solution is a Security-as-a-Service solution that’s more effective to centralize the interface.

InteliSecure New Service for Data Protection

The same provider is responsible for developing the Aperture, which enables faster data protection, with cost-efficient services for a growing list of clients.

“Many organizations are already paying for sophisticated data protection capabilities built into their Microsoft 365 licenses; however, they lack the resources needed to successfully deploy and operate them,” said InteliSecure CEO Steven Drew.

Through the Managed Data Protection services, companies can leverage through existing investment without affecting the data privacy in place. This program also satisfies the need to comply with the data privacy regulations set by the governing agencies.

Aperture has the capability to connect to Microsoft 365 through the Graph API. It also supports Microsoft Azure Information Protection (AIP), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and Cloud App Security (CAS).

More than the seamless integration of Microsoft into the platform, Aperture also allows more effective triage, response, and analysis to the data security.

Real-World Benefits

The fully operational data protection solution meets the most important business requirements not limited to reducing the cost, relieving staff burden, and automated updates. Aperture also provides enhanced data protection regardless of where it resides.

The company’s cloud-based solutions require no expensive hardware to purchase, install, or maintain. Organizations can save money in finding a security analyst to operate and manage the platform. With the lack of training needed, the platform is easily managed.

InteliSecure also made sure that clients can get off-the-shelf and tailored reports to make it easier to describe data protection. This is important to know the return of investment to internal stakeholders.

The systems updates are also automated, as InteliSecure keeps the FX Co-Managed and FX Fully Managed software updated. Custom clarifications and policies are also documented to sharpen the business incident management process and speed up the response time.