iPad battery failure? $106 gets you a new unit

Posted 15 March 2010 21:55 CEST by Randomus

Apple has responded to previous criticism of irreplaceable batteries, though will still force consumers to send their iPads to the company.

The company will give iPad owners the chance to receive a new iPad when their current iPad battery doesn’t hold a charge.  The upgrade is available for $99 and a $7 shipping fee.  Customers who arrange the iPad replacement with Apple Technical Support can expect a new unit within one week after Apple receives the defective unit.

Additional details can be found on the Apple site that discusses iPad battery-related matters.

Apple has been heavily criticized for forcing consumers to go through the headache of sending their phone and other products into a service center to have them fixed.

I give Apple credit for just sending a new iPad, but it’s still annoying to run the risk of having the battery die without being able to purchase an extra one and replace it yourself.  I’m constantly on the road traveling, and the inability to have an extra battery is one of a few various reasons why I won’t purchase an iPad after it is released in a few weeks.

Early estimates indicate Apple has received 120,000 iPad pre-orders in one day, though it’s unknown what percentage of consumers decided to have their tablet shipped to them.  Apple not surprisingly hasn’t confirmed the number — nor will it any time soon — but consumer interest has remained largely unpredictable the past few months.

If Apple continues to see strong pre-order numbers, don’t expect a price adjustment to occur, a possibility that the company has alluded to in previous statements.

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