Issues with activation servers cause downgrades of Windows 10 Pro installations

Posted 08 November 2018 17:59 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Microsoft today confirmed an ongoing issue with its activation servers causes some Windows 10 Pro installations to display that they are not activated or running Windows 10 Home instead. The issue affects users in Japan, Korea, the United States and many other countries, according to a Microsoft employee. It might take up two business days before the issue is resolved.

Earlier today, reports emerged on Reddit and the Microsoft Answers Forums about the issue. Several Windows 10 Pro reported that their Windows 10 installation showed a notification stating they now were on Windows 10 Home. Some users also report they were presented with activation error 0xC004C003. In both occasions, the user had a legitimate Windows 10 Pro license.

After the reports, Microsoft released a statement on its forums stating, “Microsoft has just released an Emerging issue announcement about current activation issue related to Pro edition recently. This happens in Japan, Korea, American and many other countries. I am very sorry to inform you that there is a temporary issue with Microsoft’s activation server at the moment and some customers might experience this issue where Windows is displayed as not activated.  Our engineers are working tirelessly to resolve this issue and it is expected to be corrected within one to two business days.”

Currently there is no workaround known, so affected users have to wait one or two business days and hope their issue is resolved by then.

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