Japan Game Developer Suffers Data Breach Exposing Forum Credentials


Nioh game developer Koei Tecmo announced a data breach involving its European and American websites, exposing the information of 65,000 users.

The Japanese game development company said a hacker accessed the koeitecmoeurope.com website on December 18th. This threat actor has posted the stolen data on a hacker’s forum, citing a web shell containing continued access to the website.


Following this news, Koei Tecmo has taken the affected websites offline with a message, “Due to the possibility of an external cyberattack on this website, it is temporarily closed as we investigate the issue.”

Game Developer Suffers Data Breach

According to reports, the hacker used a spear-phishing campaign against one of the game developer’s employees. It was confirmed that on December 20, the hacker was able to get into the system and access the sensitive user information.


The hacker also attempts to sell the database for 0.05 bitcoins or $1,300 and the web shell access for 0.25 bitcoins or approximately $6,500. In a similar post on a hacker’s forum, the threat actor said it has access to multiple Twitter accounts that Koei Tecmo has.

“There are FTP credentials on the shell I found and I would be happy to share those with you if you bought the shell as well as multiple Twitter secrets for their Twitter accounts that they have,” said the hacker.

However, three days following the post, the same threat actor has published and leaked a database for free on the same forum. This database contains user members’ names, email addresses, IP addresses, hashed passwords, date of births, and country of residence.

Koei Tecmo clarified that the leaked information didn’t include any financial details as these aren’t stored in the website database. Furthermore, the company said the breach only affected the forum and not other parts of its website.

No further demands were made to the Japanese company, but Koei Tecmo said users can take precautions. Out of caution, the company also cut off the UK subsidiary from its internal network and prevent further damage.

While this news cause worries for users, Koei Tecmo is determined to launch the 20th anniversary series of Fatal Frame. The company is yet to announce some titles in Spring 2021.

A wide range of titles is also expected to come out in 2021, as announced by Fatal Frame producer Keisuke Kikuchi. “I’d like to look at what’s important and what I love once more, and create a game with a fresh perspective,” added Kikuchi.