Japan to Employ AI for Industrial Plants

As digital data continues to face numerous threats from hackers, the Japanese government decided to build the world’s first maintenance system with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

Two major Japanese maintenance companies Best Materia and IMC initiated the project, but this will be funded by the government.

The Japanese companies chosen a partner for the project, which is German’s nonprofit foundation IOTA Foundation. This organization is behind the AI technology, and will work closely with Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization.

Maintenance System With AI Capabilities

This new project enables industrial plants to enjoy advanced technology to store data in a more secure environment. The predictive maintenance system will be user-centric, and uses AI to optimize management in several industrial plants.

IOTA announced the collaboration on Oct. 27, citing successful talks on the future of the project. The company is behind the blockchain technology, which has enhanced AI capabilities that can be applied to several infrastructures.

Under the national research and development agency, the two agencies will collaborate to facilitate management systems equipped with artificial intelligence. This project seeks to strengthen the durability of the critical infrastructure, and to digitize maintenance.

With AI, systems can easily detect and predict checkups, when it’s needed, and deploy new technologies for maintaining power, industrial, petrochemical, and oil refining plants all over Japan.

Maintenance systems are critical in commercial-grade plants, as these help recognize the need for machine check ups, repairs, and others. By digitizing the process and optimizing for enhanced capabilities, plant managers can get detailed information about the machines and other parts of the systems.

In addition to the digitization, Japan also wants to secure data coming from power, industrial, petrochemical, and oil refining plants. These critical infrastructures need enhanced security to avoid issues with integrity and sharing capability.

Cut Down Costs

Part of the decision to go on with this project is to help reduce costs related to repairs and maintenance. Industrial plants are heavy in maintenance checks for the huge scope of operations.

IOTA co-founder Dominik Schiener said deep learning is part of the process, in order to target the required maintenance system. With AI and deep learning capabilities, plants can predict when and which parts require maintenance.

This project aims to shift data to a more decentralized database with IOTA’s distributed ledger called the Tangle. The artificial technology will replace the need to hire engineers following Japan’s shrinking labor force.