Japanese develop 133 megapixel image sensor for 8K recording

Japan’s public broadcaster NHK today announced it has developed a 133 MegaPixel (MP) CMOS image sensor that is able to shoot content in 8K, the successor of 4K (UltraHD). The 8K Super Hi-Vision (8K SHV) system as NHK calls it, results in imagery with a resolution of 15,360 x 8,640 pixels.


The sensor uses a Bayer RGB matrix , and contains a number of pixels which is exactly four times the resolution 8K (which uses 33.1776 million / 33 MP). Compared to all the technologies used so far, the benefit is substantial, it’s possible to obtain information for each of the three primary color components (red, green, blue), all within the same image.

The new CMOS is capable of shooting 8K video at 60 FPS. Its light receiving surface is 43.2mm (diagonal), equivalent to 35mm full-frame.

NHK will show the results of their research at the 29th of May.