Kickass Torrents returns from the ashes

Just a few months ago, the US government headed an effort to shut down one of the most popular torrent sites, called Kickass Torrents.  But when the site was closed,  it not only stopped the torrents, it also shut down the forums where an entire community of users gathered to share news about media.  Several of the administrators, moderators and members of that forum regrouped, and set up a new forum at, and talked of reviving Kickass Torrents once again.   Against expectations, this group announced today that the torrent site was back in business.





The rebuilt team of admins has done their best to copy the old look of Kickass Torrents, even while starting with a new database.  Those who are now running the site were not part of the technical group or financial backers of the original KAT, so they did not have access to the original code and data.

There is now a DMCA takedown procedure at the new site, which the admins believe will help keep KAT out of legal trouble.  According to them:

“KAT is a community-based forum and a torrent search engine. It’s the heart of who we are and that will never change. Despite opinions to the contrary, torrents are not illegal and we do not host any content.

“So long as Kickass Torrents continues to operate to the absolute letter of the law then we are most certainly not conducting criminal activities,” they note.

You can read more on the story at TorrentFreak.