Leaked documents shows AACS-LA wants to shutdown Slysoft

An internal Sony document published by Wikileaks reveals the AACS-LA wants to shut down Slysoft. The consortium is looking for the same solution as with DVDFab, shutting down the entire company. Although Slysoft sells software that circumvents technology developed by the AACS-LA, the company also sells other software such as GameJackal, CloneCD, CloneDVD and CloneBD.

myce-aacs-la-shutdown-slysoftAlso DVDFab sells software that doesn’t circumvent AACS-LA technology but nevertheless, the AACS-LA appears to aim to shut down the entire company by targeting its domain and payment processor.

The leaked documents also show a document that contains all kinds of information on the Slysoft internet presence. The AACS-LA has hired the company iThreat Cyber Group to investigate domains and IP addresses used by Slysoft. Another document outlines how the AACS-LA is trying to convince Visa and Mastercard to no longer accept payments to Slysoft. A document dated April 2014 reveals that Mastercard and Visa cut off Slysoft several times, but after the Antiguan company moved to other banks, the company could accept credit card payments of the two again.

A leaked email about a case the AACS-LA won against Slysoft (the company received a $30,000 penalty)  shows how the AACS-LA is happy with the outcome. In the email an AACS-LA lawyer writes, “This verdict was a very welcome one, for AACS LA and our licensees (both content companies and product companies), since SlySoft has been the most prominent and notorious of the circumvention programs offered to defeat AACS Technology.”

Later in the verdict the AACS-LA lawyer writes, “Although these sanctions may seem small by US standards, they represent the first exercise by the Antiguan authorities of the country’s criminal anticircumvention statute.”

Another document reveals how the AACS-LA has allocated up to $240,000 for legal actions against Slysoft. Slysoft is also discussed in every documented meeting of the Blu-ray Disc Association when the members discuss the status of the lawsuits and appears to be indeed the “most prominent and notorious” developer of circumvention software.