Leavemark Unveils Ad-Free Data Storage for Time Capsule


Leavemark is launching a new application that allows users to store and share information today or in the future through a time capsule.

The said data storage system and social media platform in one are the first of its kind, focused on preserving the history of generations. It acts as a memory vault that provides users an opportunity to archive data and at the same time, share the information with other people.


According to Leavemark, this new data storage system is going to be ad-free, without pushing any unsolicited content to the platform.

Leavemark Data Storage for Time Capsule

“With Leavemark, we wanted to create something that would allow our users a more meaningful way to store and share life’s best with a more intimate circle of family and friends, to preserve our history and be more impactful on future generations,” said CEO Jason Morgese.


The company announced on Tuesday, May 26 that the Leavemark app is already available for download. Aside from preserving content and information, the app also has a news feed that has the ability to block categories including politics.

The Leavemark app is the first-ever hybrid application that secures memories, organizes users’ information, and restoring user privacy all at once. Additionally, the app also has a family tree functions that share information to future generations.

“People have historically stored their most important photos, videos, and documents in numerous locations that are often forgotten about or misplaced, causing significant memories and moments to be lost along the way. The app allows users to share and organize life’s journey whenever they please,” added Morgese.

Combining Social Media and Data Storage

Leavemark acts as a social media platform while saving documents and other files in a secure location. The combination of a data storage and a social media platform help preserve the information of users and ensure that future generations can access these files.

The app customizes a storing solution for users with distinct needs. The ability to share memories with loved ones across the globe and share photographs or videos to younger generations are some of the impactful functionalities of the app.

Leavemark also supports direct messaging, enabling users to connect to families and friends. There is also advanced sorting and filtering to let users see only what they want to see from the app. These advanced data organization features help users to avoid unsolicited contents.

The app is available for download for iOS devices through the Apple Store.