Lenovo: mobile internet popularity to explode

Lenovo expects mobile Internet use to increase in the future as more manufacturers begin to offer new mobile gadgets that can connect to the Internet.

Lenovo remains realistic about its role in the mobile market, saying it will take a few years to see significant gains due to increased competition.  Ideally, Lenovo will be able to sell millions of mobile phones over the next five years, with smartphone growth expected to increase in the United States, China, and Europe.

The company, which is the No. 4 PC brand, hopes to see smartphones, netbooks and other mobile Internet products snatch up to 20% of its revenue by 2015.

Lenovo: mobile internet popularity to explode

The company had a mobile phone business but decided to later sell it, and then bought it back as Lenovo’s competitors started to invade new markets.  Lenovo will remain supportive of PCs and notebooks, but will invest more in the coming years on research and development for mobile products.

It has been predicted by several analyst groups that sales will be higher for smartphones than PCs for the rest of 2010.  Mobile phone sales currently give manufacturers higher profit margins than PCs – and more consumers are going mobile with netbooks and tablets.

Consumers will continue to see the mobile market grow, especially as smartphones and tablets become more important for manufacturers.  It’s good to see Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Dell, and other traditional PC companies switch to a new mobile device market, offering increased consumer choice.  The added competition has forced Research In Motion, Nokia and others to innovate — and may have spelled the end to Palm.