Lenovo Ramps Educational Notebooks With USB-C Ports

Computer manufacturer Lenovo announced in a press release the launch of its new suite of educational laptops equipped with USB Type-C ports. The machines are catered to students’ needs particularly in virtual classrooms.

The new models are Lenovo 14e Gen 2 and 100e, 300e, 500e Gen 3 Chromebooks. It also features Lenovo 14w Gen 2 and 100w, 300w, 500w Gen 3 Windows laptops. The units will be powered by AMD or Intel chips and will run on ChromeOS or Windows.

Each machine has a USB-C port for convenience and flexibility. This port also gives the unit fast charging capabilities, which allows it to charge up to 80% battery level within 60 minutes.

Lenovo Educational Notebooks With USB-C Ports

The notebooks also come with HDMI ports for expanded display, as well as intel Wi-Fi 6 for better network performance and stability. Some models also sport 4G-LTE capabilities to enable fast and reliable internet access in places where WI-Fi is not available.

The new generation of Lenovo notebooks to address the need for machines designed to support hybrid learning and help the over 1.5 billion students and teachers perform their responsibilities at a time when classroom settings are restricted due to school closures.

Jerry Paradise, vice president of Global Commercial Portfolio and Product Management in Intelligent Devices Group at Lenovo, said “We applaud educators, students, and institutions for their energy and dedication in the face of unprecedented challenges.”

“As a leader in the global education market, we remain laser-focused in our pursuit to support all involved in education. Our ongoing commitment and expertise in tailored solutions will help drive innovative educational technology as we reimagine and reinvent teaching and learning.”

The computing devices all pass the MIL-SPEC 801H standards, which are designed to ensure the safety of an equipment’s design, particularly its durability, reliability, and ruggedness.

On top of this, Lenovo also ensured the quality of its new line of offerings meets the company’s education specification, particularly heavy-duty ports, hinges, and bumpers to minimize damages due to accidents and regular wear and tear.

Aside from its new laptop models, Lenovo also released a monitor solution named ThinkVision T24t, which offers an interactive and healthier display.

Moreover, the company released the Lenovo VR Classroom 2, which enables a more immersive learning experience and use cases, especially for training.

Other learning-optimized releases include the Lenovo 100 Stereo USB Headset, FHD Webcam, Essential USB Mouse, and the hard-shell carry case.