Lenovo Released Four New Storage Management Solutions

Tech company Lenovo recently launched four new solutions created to store and manage data, said CRN. The products seek to provide end-to-end management to aid customers to secure their files in a more efficient manner.

Lenovo has been taking steps to help its clients and partners during the pandemic. It is now looking for ways to boost business and outcomes through edge, core, and cloud data analytics.

The result is a series of products namely the ThinkSystem DM5100F, ThinkSystem Intelligent Monitoring 2.0, Lenovo DB720S Fibre Channel Switch, and the new Lenovo cloud service.

Lenovo New Storage Management Solutions

Each solution is aimed at penetrating the midmarket enterprise through storage systems and management platforms with NVMe support, as per ZDNet.

Stuart McRae, executive director and general manager for storage at Lenovo Data Center Group, said in a statement, “Customers continue to face challenges implementing a cohesive data management system to analyze and process data more efficiently.”

McRae added, “Lenovo’s unique state-of-the-art data management architecture, in combination with the industry’s most reliable ThinkSystem servers, enables customers to accelerate Analytics and AI within a single platform.”

To this end, the company launched the ThinkSystem DM5100F. which is an all-flash storage array that offers low-latency and high-performance. It also uses NVMe, which allows a more efficient operation.

This tech seeks to “enable customers of all sizes to enhance analytics and artificial intelligent (AI) deployments, which accelerating applications’ access to data,” as per CRN.

Intelligent Monitoring 2.0 was also released to simplify, automate, and optimize ThinkSystem storage environments. This management platform lets users monitor their storage capacity and performance from multiple locations.

It also helps predict issues and prescribe ways to address them. It is a web-based application that can be accessed via a cloud-based interface.

The Fibre Channel Switch is a networking system that allows 32 Gbps and 64 Gbps storage speeds with 50% lower latency. Meanwhile, the new cloud service offers a low-risk, turn-key option that lets customers use existing SAP software with a private-cloud experience.

Lenovo Data Center Group Laura Laltrello, vice president and general manager, said, “Customers are looking for innovative solutions to leverage the cloud on-premise.”

Laltrello added, “Leveraging the best capabilities of both companies, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, customer edition, is now available with Lenovo’s TruScale Infrastructure Services.”

All these new products are created as an addition to Lenovo’s data management, analytics, and AI solutions portfolio.