Leonovus Launches 30-Day Trial of Smart Filer Cold Data Management Solution


Leonovus Inc. announced on Wednesday a free 30-day trial of the Smart Filer, which reduces the data storage costs by up to 70 percent.

Earlier September, the company developed a beta-tested storage management solution called Smart Filer Cold Data Management Solution that applies analytics to data and classifies it.


The product was officially launched last September 19 at an event in Las Vegas. This technology is first of its kind, analyzing existing data and extending its capacity. Moreover, Smart Filer helps store cold data to back up data storage to reduce storage costs.

Industry experts said that infrequently accessed files are automatically removed from primary storage and stocked at lower-cost cloud storage. Smart Filer enhances the data security and durability of the storage system, minus the hefty cost.

The decision to release a free 30-day trial of the Smart Filer came about to promote the technology and help more companies and government agencies. “We are excited to offer a free 30-day trial of Smart Filer to allow companies to characterize their data and begin optimizing storage infrastructure by managing cold data,” said CEO Michael Gaffney.


Leonovus Data Management Solution

According to studies, 75 to 90 percent of unstructured data is cold. The problematic issue about some data storage solutions is, cold data was stored in primary file servers. Configuration wise, this set up is not economic. Cold data should be kept at a backup system as it doesn’t belong in primate storage bins.

In addition to analyzing data, Smart Filer also ensures that users can access migrated files, without any change in any user or application behavior.

Data Management at Growing Companies

Increasing digitization means lesser human interaction and reliability over computers and data storage. The growing data is integral for businesses to operate and mismanagement of these files can lead to costly repairs.

The emergence of cloud data storage makes storing data process seamless and more secured. However, the cost of maintaining this system is costly, as more data is processed and kept.

The Smart Filer, according to its developers, lessens the cost associated with storing hot and cold data. The technology automatically analyzes all data and store cold in a different server. This helps to minimize the space used in the cloud.

 IDC reports that 17 percent of midmarket businesses have enterprise data management strategies to ensure seamless data access.