Lexar announces 512GB microSD card that meets A2 performance class

Posted 25 October 2018 17:54 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Lexar today announced its 512 GB High-Performance 633x micro SD memory-card. The card is meets the A2 requirements from the latest SD Association’s specifications making the card fast enough to run and store apps on it. The specification requires the card to perform random reads at a minimum of 4,000 IOPS and random writes at a minimum of 2,000 IOPS.

Speed is an important factor when a memory card is used as additional storage on Android phones, because apps can run from it. The A2 is the fastest standard, A1 is considerably slower, to meet those requirements, the card has to perform random reads at least at 1,500 IOPS and random writes at a minimum of 500 IOPS. Lexar claims that it’s drive meets the faster A2 specification and is able to deliver a sequential read speed up to 100MB/s.

Until now, only Sandisk had large capacity A2 specification micro SD memory cards available, their largest card has a maximum capacity of 400GB.

The fact that Lexar now takes the lead with the 512GB A2 micro SD card, is possibly thanks to the company’s new owner. Previously, the Lexar brand name was owned by Micron. In September last year the Chinese company Longsys purchased the Lexar brand name rights.

The Lexar 512 GB High-Performance 633x micro SD should become available by the end of October at a MSRP of €259.99 (about 300 USD) for which you also get a SD adapter.

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