Lockheed Martin Finalizes $31M Data Storage Contract with POC


Security and aerospace company Lockheed Martin has recently granted Physical Optics Corporation (POC) a $31 million secure data storage contract, said Business Wire. This is in relation to the firm’s new-production F-16s.

POC is a multi-phase firm that deals with the development, production, and sustainment of secure data storage. The contract places the security firm as the leader of the aerospace and avionics encryption and storage industry.


The Torrance, a California-based company, is known for integrating advanced technology with innovations in military, defense, homeland security, and select commercial markets. It now has $136 million in revenues.

Lockheed Martin Data Storage Contract with POC

The agreement “covers the entire system lifecycle” of the F-16 aircraft. The F-16 is described as “a strategic and valuable choice for many customers around the world seeking advanced, 4th generation fighter aircraft capabilities.”


The aircraft also facilitates partnerships with regional and global organizations to provide affordable lifecycle costs.

According to Business Wire, this contract will build upon the system integration company’s High Definition & Recording System (HDVR) architecture to develop the Secure Tactical Recording System (STaRS) 2.0.

STaRS 2.0 seeks to reduce Size, Weight, and Power (SWAP) while adding high-speed data transfer and recording, complete with dual high-capacity removable storage.

Reportedly, the system will use 16TB ruggedized modules to accommodate the Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR) video applications.

This new technology will be incorporated in Lockheed and Martin’s new line of F-16s. Other F-16 models include the Fighting Falcon (Block 70/72), Indonesia (Block 72), and Bulgaria (Block 70).

While these are built with technology and innovation in mind, especially when it comes to storage and security, the line developed in collaboration with POC is expected to be more state-of-the-art.

Regarding the agreement, POC Director for Airborne Systems Eric Rucker said, “We are extremely excited to get this program underway and look forward to partnering with Lockheed Martin in the future.”

Meanwhile, Lockheed Martin has been leading the aerospace industry with previous F-16 models serving the air forces of more than 25 countries. It has also been working on artificial intelligence-equipped drones.

The aerospace company is one of the two picked by the Pentagon’s Space Development Agency to build 20 satellites to create a mesh network in low Earth orbit or Transport Layer Tranche o. The other firm is York Space Systems.

Other areas of expertise it covers include global research and development, new age defenses, hypersonic technologies, and multi-domain operations.