Macbook Pro SSD bug causes data corruption, Apple releases fix

Apple has released an update that should fix a bug of the SSD drive in some MacBook Pro models. According to the manufacturer the bug could cause data corruption on some occasions.


The firmware update has been published on the Apple website. A file named Flash Storage Firmware Update 1.0 can be downloaded, the file is 1.9MB. The fix is for owners of a MacBook Pro from mid-2015. Which models the issue affects has not been disclosed by Apple. Possibly only the 15″ model that was recently introduced is affected, but it could be as well that the 13″ Macbook Pro also suffers from the bug.

The firmware update fixes issues of the SSD that can be found in some Macbooks, according to Apple. The bug could cause data corruption, something the new update should prevent. Apple hasn’t provided much more details, so it’s unclear how many people are affected by the issue and what exactly causes it.