Be warned for Michael Schumacher exclusive video malware

If you receive a link on Facebook or Twitter with the title ‘Exclusive footage of Michael Schumacher’s ski accident’ or similar, don’t share. The downloaded file is fake and contains a virus that quickly spreads around the world.


Several days ago it became known that the former Formula 1 legend was accidentally  filmed by a tourist. A 35 yeard old man allegdly recorded his girlfriend while the Schumacher accident happened in the background. The recording show how the racing champion went off-piste and fell down. The video has not been released, but malware developers try to use it in their advantage.

The ‘exclusive footage’ contains a virus which tries to steal bank accounts. It becomes active as soon as an user logs in to their online bank account. This way the creators of the Schumacher virus try to transfer money to themselves. The file spreads very fast because anyone who wants to view the -fake- video first has to share the link on their personal Facebook page.