Many Windows Phone users can’t access email or download apps from Windows Store

Microsoft’s forums are full of complaints of Windows Phone users who are unable to login to their Microsoft account. This means users are unable to e.g. install apps from the Windows Store or send or receive emails.

Many Windows Phone users can't access email or download apps from Windows Store

When users try to setup a Microsoft account on their phone they receive the error, “We can’t connect right now. Wait a few moments and try again”. However waiting and trying again doesn’t solve the issue. Especially users on Windows Phone 8.1 appear to be the victim of the issue. The issue appears to be connected to the first use of the phone or after a factory reset.

According to Microsoft employee on the company’s forums, the software giant is aware of the issue and investigating it.


A Microsoft account is essential for using Windows Phone. Without it it’s not only impossible to access the Windows Store to install apps and games but also connected calendars and emails can’t be accessed.