MarineXchange to Launch Cloud Computing and AI, Soon to be Aboard

On April 26, 2021, news has circulated in the cruise industry regarding the possible onboarding of artificial intelligence and cloud computing on cruise ships. MarineXchange Software’s managing director, Hannes Lindthaler, posted a directive in response to reports. The MXP business management interface for the maritime industry is only available from MarineXchange.

MarineXchange, which will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2021, played a vital role in designing industry-specific applications with a suite of hardware and software tools to handle corporate and operations ship-related.

The firm employs over 60 people and has locations in Hamburg and Graz, Austria. A total of forty cruise lines and nearly 300 ships, that includes ocean-going and river cruise vessels, are on the client list.

MarineXchange to Launch Cloud Computing and AI

Hannes Lindthaler stated, “We are working very closely with Microsoft to bring cloud computing onboard ships next,” “It is called on-premises cloud (solutions for ships), and it does not exist today. Cloud computing is the next revolution; it brings a whole new wave of opportunities and possibilities. You can have the same software running on the ships and ashore.” he added.

The use of artificial intelligence systems on ships is also under development. Lindthaler is planning on two projects with the Know-Center, an Austrian firm. He said that he’s currently concentrating on monitoring supply chain and sales advice.

Before a cruise, the program would make practical recommendations to the shipping customer when it comes to shore expedition. Lindthaler claims that this serves two purposes: it increases sales and aids in keeping the reservation. Tourists who book boat trips before finalizing their cruise fee are the ones less likely to cancel them.

“What is important is to make relevant recommendations based on the customers’ history stored and interpreted by the software. The self-learning engine takes into consideration the guest profile, nationality, gender, age if they travel with extended family, friends, where they are sailing; it looks at many data points before making recommendations.” Lindthaler said.

As per Lindthaler, the AI system can discover relationships between weather, special occasions, deployment, and cruise lengths. “Our current system can handle all of this but requires more data maintenance and also experienced provision masters. With the growth of the industry, there is a shortage of experienced crew, however, and this is where the technology can help. Sailing seven days out of Miami, it is not very difficult, but for global deployment, accurate forecasting becomes more of a challenge.” he added.

For the record, MarineXchange provides over 50 different software systems, and according to Lindthaler, “we offer enterprise solutions, all the solutions are within one system, that’s a dream come true.”