Microsoft: Additional security provided by EMET not needed on Windows 10 systems

Windows 10 is so secure that according to Microsoft it no longer needs additional security measures like the company’s Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET). Even better, Windows 10’s security is even better than that provided by EMET, the company writes.


EMET is a free security toolkit for Windows that adds an additional layer of security to the operating system. Instead of relying on signatures it detects malware by monitoring the behavior of software which means it can also protect against zero-day attacks.

Microsoft writes in a blogpost that the recently released EMET 5.5 is compatible with Windows 10 but that there is no real need to use it on the company’s latest operating system.


“With Windows 10 we have implemented many features and mitigations that can make EMET unnecessary on devices running Windows 10”, according to the post written by the EMET team. The tool is still important for older and legacy systems, the team underlines.

EMET mitigations also don’t apply to Windows 10’s default browser, Edge, because of the “advanced technologies used to protect Microsoft Edge, including industry leading sandboxing, compiler, and memory management techniques”, the EMET team explains.

The reason that EMET is no longer needed on Windows 10 is because, according to Microsoft, the company has made “substantial improvements to the OS” and therefore Windows 10 offers an “equal or even better security” against attacks than EMET.