Microsoft adds Diagnostic Data Viewer to Windows 10 to be more transparent on collected data

Posted 25 January 2018 15:49 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Microsoft has added a new tool to the latest Windows Insider build that allows users to get information on which diagnostic data about their system is uploaded to Microsoft. The “Diagnostic Data Viewer” is different from the Microsoft Privacy Dashboard that will soon become available through the Microsoft Store.

The tool is part of Microsoft’s initiative to be fully transparent on the diagnostic data collected from Windows devices.

The tool shows information about the operating system, network settings, performance data, installed apps, update and details about system, application and service usage. Users can search through the data collected by the Diagnostic Data Viewer and provide feedback about it.

Windows 10 offers two levels for collecting diagnostic data; default and full. When system administrators have enabled a specific level, regular users can still change it. Users are also warned when the setting is changed by another users or the system administrator.

On its website Microsoft lists what data is exactly uploaded when Windows 10 sends full diagnostic data. This includes the user ID,  Xbox userID, IP address, genuine OS status, text typed in address bar and search box on Microsoft browsers and much, much more.

The Diagnostic Data Viewer is available in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17083. It’s disabled by default and thus has to be enabled manually.

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