Microsoft adds intelligent visual search to Bing, powered by artificial intelligence

Posted 22 June 2018 16:57 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Microsoft has added an intelligent Visual Search feature to its search engine, Bing. With the feature it’s possible to identify an object, a face, a landmark, furniture, or a certain piece of clothing and search for it. Bing’s Visual Search is made intelligent by artificial intelligence.


Visual Search has been announced by Microsoft in a blog post, in which the software giant has also added a video that demonstrates the feature. The demonstration shows that the feature works with images just taken with the camera, but also with existing images in the camera roll or images downloaded from the internet. Users can select parts of the images to specifically search for that particular object.

The functionality is available in the Bing app for iOS and Android, the Microsoft Launcher for Android and Microsoft Edge for Android. However, it’s currently only available to user in the United States. It’s unknown if, and when, the feature will also be rolled out to users in other parts of the world.

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