Microsoft adds ‘Refresh on Demand’ to Windows Defender

Microsoft has added a new feature to Windows Defender in Windows 10 that makes it possible to recover the OS when it’s slow, crashes or when Windows updates can’t be installed anymore.

Microsoft adds 'Refresh on Demand' to Windows Defender

Windows Defender is the default antivirus application of Windows 10 and Microsoft has added ‘Refresh on Demand’ to the software in its latest Windows 10 Insider build. When the feature is used, Windows will be reinstalled and updated and most apps will be deleted. Only personal files and some Windows settings are retained. Both additionally installed Microsoft apps like Office and apps from other vendors, including those preinstalled by the computer manufacturer, are removed.

Microsoft warns users that they have to install these apps again after ‘Refresh on Demand’ has finished. The software giant also recommends users to check whether they have the required reinstallation media, product keys, licenses and login information.

The ‘Refresh on Demand’ feature can be enabled in the new Windows Defender by clicking on the Device performance & health icon and then clicking Refresh Windows. A wizard will then be started to guide the user through the process.

The new Windows 10 Insider build also adds other new features to Windows Defender, such a new options to run quick, advanced or full scans, and device performance and health scans.

It’s likely these new features will be part of the Windows Creator Update that is scheduled for Spring this year.