Microsoft adds unlocking with fitness bands, phones and NFC to Windows 10

A new feature of Windows 10 will soon allow computers with the OS to be unlocked by other devices and peripherals. With the new feature it should be possible to unlock the computer with a smartphone. Also an external webcam can be used by the facial recognition software of Windows.


The feature is called ‘Companion devices’ and Microsoft is working with developers to make devices suitable for it. Unlocking can be done in several ways. E.g. an USB device can unlock the computer but also ‘companions’ that make use of Bluetooth or NFC.

It’s also possible to unlock the computer by pressing a button on the touchscreen of a device or by putting it near the computer (using NFC) or by making a gesture with a fitness tracker.

Microsoft is also working on biometric authentication which makes it possible to login using facial recognition through webcams. Also fingerprint scanners can be used to unlock computers Windows 10 through the Companion devices feature.

Companion devices should be especially useful for older computers and low budget PCs that don’t contain any additional security.