Microsoft claims Edge is safer than Firefox in new Windows 10 notifications

Several users report that they’ve received notifications in Windows 10 stating that Mozilla Firefox is less secure than Edge. The notifications recommend users to switch to Microsoft’s browser.myce-edge-firefox

It’s not the first time that Microsoft uses the taskbar to criticize competing products and to recommend its own browser. Previously Microsoft did the same with Google Chrome. The new notification states: “Microsoft Edge is safer than Firefox. It blocks 21% more socially engineered malware. Learn more.”

Microsoft doesn’t see any harm in the notifications. According to the software giant, they are even helpful to users to improve their Windows 10 experience. The company also stresses that users can easily disable the notifications.

Users previously criticized Microsoft for increasingly using the taskbar for showing notifications. Many users consider them to be advertisements but Microsoft insists they are tips and that the taskbar, in contrary to the lockscreen, isn’t used to show advertisements.