Microsoft confirms Windows 10 browser Spartan will support extensions

Microsoft today confirmed the upcoming new browser for Windows 10, Spartan, will support extensions. This confirms earlier rumors based on traces of source code discovered by Twitter user h0xx0d. The developer relation team of Microsoft has confirmed the support of extensions in Spartan.


However support for extensions won’t be enabled when the browser is first released. “We’re working on a plan for extensions for a future update to Project Spartan”, according to the team on Twitter. When Spartan will start supporting extensions remains unknown.

Last week we already reported about the rumor that the Spartan browser would get support for extensions. The browser would also be compatible with current Chrome extensions, whether that’s correct hasn’t been confirmed by Microsoft yet.


The Spartan browser will be part of Windows 10, next to Internet Explorer which is still part of Microsoft’s upcoming operating system for “legacy” reasons. The software giant markets Spartan as the browser of the future, Spartan will have support for Microsoft’s personal assistant Cortana, Internet Explorer won’t.