Microsoft finally launches Remote Desktop app for Windows Phone

Microsoft already launched a remote desktop app for Android and IOS last year, but today they finally launched a Windows Phone version.

Strangely, Windows Phone users were left in the cold by Microsoft when they released their free remote desktop app on Android and IOS only in October last year. They promised that a Windows Phone version would follow soon and now they are finally living up to those promises, the free Windows Phone app is available starting today.

Microsoft finally launches Remote Desktop app for Windows Phone

The Windows Phone version of the Remote Desktop app is similar to its Android and IOS counterparts, it allows you to remotely control any Windows PC that has remote desktop connections enabled. It has a virtual keyboard with Alt, Alt Gr, Ctrl, shift, Esc, tab and , of course, Windows keys. At times, however, it’s difficult to use due to most phones’ small screen size, even though there’s an option to scroll around the screen at full resolution.

The free app is only available to Windows Phone 8.1 users. The Windows Phone 8.1 update will start rolling out to consumers in the next few months, but it’s already available to registered developers.

Interesting side-note: this appears to be Microsoft’s first universal app, it’s designed to run on both Windows Phones and Windows PCs running Windows 8.1 or Windows RT.

Source: Windows Phone Store (Via: The Verge)