Microsoft further integrates LinkedIn into Office and Outlook

Posted 25 September 2018 16:56 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Microsoft will more tightly integrate its business social network site LinkedIn with Office and its email service Outlook. The email service will be able to import data from LinkedIn to include information about contacts for calendar appointments and document sharing.

The software giant will also add a feature to Outlook that allows users to coauthor Word, Excel and PowerPoint files with LinkedIn contacts. With the feature the company hopes to make it easier to share documents with LinkedIn contacts.

Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in 2016 for $26 billion. Back then, Microsoft announced LinkedIn would remain a separate company but that the social network would be integrated in other Microsoft products.

In 2017, Microsoft announced an integration between Word and LinkedIn which aimed to make it easier for users of Office 365 to create their C.V.

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