Microsoft introduces revamped, more colorful Skype for Desktop

Posted 31 October 2017 17:20 CEST by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Microsoft today launched the desktop version of Skype’s new design. Earlier this year the company already introduced revamped mobile apps of the communication service. With the new design Microsoft hopes to better compete with other communication platforms like Whatsapp and Snapchat.

The design was in public beta since August this year. Microsoft then stated it would decide which features would be prioritized based on the feedback it received. Users criticized many features, after which Microsoft made changes accordingly.

One of the most controversial features is not available in the desktop version of Skype. This feature was called Highlight and was similar to Snapchat’s Stories feature. Microsoft decided to not add it to the initial release but the company does plan to eventually bring the feature to the desktop.

The new design makes Skype much more colorful, e.g. in group conversations the messages can appear in colors like orange, pink and blue. It’s now also possible to respond with emoji to messages.

Skype now also features more settings to personalize the app with themes, and sorting contacts and group conversations. Another new feature is the media gallery for each individual chat, which should make it easier to find files. Speaking of those, files can now be shared with sizes up to 300MB.

Also mentions are introduced in the new Skype. By using @{name}, it’s possible to tag users to get more attention. Microsoft also added support for bots, currently it’s possible to book tickets through bots from Hipmunk, Expedia and Stubhub.

With Microsoft Scoop users can get the latest news in Skype and with Giphy it’s possible to send .GIF files.

The new version of Skype can be downloaded from the Skype website here.

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