Microsoft limits Windows 10 rollback period to 10 days

Microsoft has limited the rollback period for users who upgraded to Windows 10 to ten days. Previously users could try out Windows 10 for 30 days before they had to decide whether they wanted to continue to use Microsoft’s latest OS or go back to their previous Windows version.


The change is part of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. The rollback feature keeps a copy of the old Windows version on the hard drive until the rollback period expires. The backup of the old Windows version takes about 5GB of disk space.

According to Microsoft the reason to limited the rollback period to 10 days is to free up the used disk space sooner so it can be used for other purposes. Another reason is, according to the company, that the majority of users who are not satisfied with Windows 10 return to their old Windows version within a couple of days and thus don’t need more than 10 days.

Users who want to go back to an old Windows version can of course also create their own system image so they can rollback anytime they want.