Microsoft Loves Apple Developers

Microsoft Loves iOS Developers… Or at least that’s what they want you to think if we’re to believe some of their latest domain acquisitions.

It’s no secret that Microsoft’s app store is in desperate need of some quality apps and for Windows 10 they’re going all-in in what could be their last chance to win over app developers. And now Microsoft has set their sights on iOS developers. Yesterday Microsoft registered a total of 10 new domain names, revealing their new love interest. Microsoft Loves Apple Developers

Microsoft announced “Project Islandwood”, a set of tools for developers to write universal apps in Objective-C, the language used in iOS app development, at Build 2015 last month. Developers can use these tools to port their iOS apps to Windows apps with minimal changes to the actual code.

These new domains are most likely part of an upcoming advertising campaign to convince iOS developers to port their iPhone and iPad apps over to Microsoft’s new Universal App Model using these new tools. For now these domains still redirect to Bing (as unused Microsoft domains tend to do), but chances are that will change soon as Microsoft is set to launch Windows 10 this summer.