Microsoft makes Windows 7 ISOs available for download for free

Microsoft has launched a new website where users with a valid license can download a full version of Windows 7. The intention of the software giant is to help users that have lost their installation medium, or want to install the operating system from a USB stick. The available ISOs are all Windows 7 retail versions, as they are sold in stores.


Computers with Windows 7 preinstalled usually contain an OEM version and this version isn’t available on Microsoft’s Software Recovery website. In order to download an ISO file, a license key is required. After entering the key, selecting a language and choosing between an 32 or 64 bit version the ISO can be downloaded. When done the ISO can be either burned to a CD or installed from an USB drive. For the latter Microsoft has released a special tool that assists in installing Windows 7 from a USB drive.

Users of Windows 8.1 can also download ISO files of their operating system but they don’t have to enter their license key. That’s because Windows 7 can be installed without a license key after which the OS can be fully used for 30 days and Windows 8.1 requires a license key to start with its installation.