Microsoft offers free 100GB OneDrive storage bonus

Microsoft offers OneDrive users 100GB additional cloud storage for 2 years. In return the software company wants users to subscribe to Bing Rewards, a service that rewards usage of Microsoft’s search engine.


The 100GB bonus was handed out before, but only users in the United States were eligible. Since today users from all over the world can apply. The 100GB additional storage is valid for 2 years. After that timeframe the 100GB is deducted from the account. Users who consume more storage space than they have available after the bonus period ends, won’t be able to upload new files until they’ve deleted enough files to be below their limit.

Users can apply for the bonus by subscribing to Bing Rewards through this page. Many cloud storage providers offer temporarily increases in storage limits to decrease the limit later. The idea is that users will get used to their additional storage space and are ready to pay for the additional storage after the bonus period is over.


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