Microsoft offers ‘Windows 10 Specially-provided Edition’ to Chinese government

In addition to the regular versions of Windows 10, Microsoft also has a lesser known version of its latest operating system. One specially developed for the Chinese government. The version goes by the name ‘Windows 10 Specially-provided Edition’.


Windows 10 Home, Enterprise and Pro are widely known versions that offer specific features for specific audiences. And also this version of the Chinese government is different. In an interview with the Chinese website Caixin, Microsoft’s CEO Ralph Haupter reports that  it features “fewer of Microsoft’s consumer-targeted apps and services, while including more management and security controls, in accordance with the needs of China’s government. Haupter didn’t divulge exactly what’s been changed or how different the system looks from traditional Windows 10, but he did say that it retains the ability to run any Windows-compatible programs”.

In December last year Microsoft already announced it made an agreement with a Chinese technology company to start sales of a Windows 10 version ‘optimized’ for  the Chinese government.

Despite the changes, including those to the interface, Haupter stresses that ‘Windows 10 Specially-provided Edition’ is able to run all Windows applications.