Microsoft is readying its new Unified Update Platform to make updates more efficient

Microsoft has started the transition of offering Windows 10 updates using a new method call the Unified Update Platform (UUP). This platform should make updating the OS more efficient because it only downloads the components that are required for a specific computer.


The Unified Update Platform should reduce the required bandwidth and diskspace with up to 35%, according to Microsoft. Previously Windows Update downloaded files that were for each computer the same, which meant that also unnecessary files were downloaded which consumed needless bandwidth and diskspace. Making updates smaller was a much requested improvement for Windows 10.

The new update platform is also beneficial for Windows 10 Mobile users, they no longer have to download all kinds of separate downloads when they haven’t updated for a while. They can download one large update that is specific to their device.


Eventually, UUP should also manage the updates for IoT devices and HoloLens.

Windows Insiders will be the first to test UUP, regular Windows 10 users will receive updates through UUP with the Creator Update that is scheduled for early 2017.

Due to the change, Windows Insiders receive no new versions for a while.