Microsoft releases a general update for Windows 8, even before public release

Posted 10 October 2012 22:39 CET by Kerry Brown

With every release of Windows, Microsoft has had a few weeks to fine tune their operating systems in the time between Release to Manufacturers and general availability to the public.  That time period has always been used to improve and polish the operating systems, and make adjustments while working in cooperation with the equipment manufacturers.  Driver improvements has been one area of concern during this process, but other fundamental changes also take place.  For most of the general public however, these changes do not come forward until the first service pack is released.  Not so with Windows 8.

Yesterday, Microsoft provided a complete update to Windows 8 that includes these improvements to the operating system that they have developed  along with the OEM’s.  Those updates are available to any MSDN or enterprise customer via the regular Windows update procedures seen every second Tuesday of the month.

The specific problems addressed are:

  • Increased power efficiency to extend battery life
  • Performance improvements in Windows 8 applications and Start screen
  • Improved audio and video playback in many scenarios
  • Improved application and driver compatibility with Windows 8

You can read a bit more on the story at the MSDN Building Windows 8 blog.

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