Microsoft reveals more details on Windows 10 Consumer Preview – Free upgrade from Windows 7 and 8


Today Microsoft is revealing more details on Windows 10 Consumer Preview. We’ll be covering the event live here.

Stay tuned for updates!

  • Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of Operating Systems is doing the talk.
  • Windows 10 will be a seamless upgrade from Windows 7 and Windows 8


  • Windows 10 will be on Xbox One, smartphone, laptops, desktops, maker boards
  • The OS will be the only platform where developers can target one platform while developing for all devices
  • 1.7 million Windows Insider subscribers



  • Relationship with Insiders is a partnership to make the best Windows OS ever
  • The future of Windows: Building it together
  • Microsoft employees shown thanking Windows Insiders
  • Microsoft: you are our customer, not our product


  • Talks about current problems, switching between devices, not all interoperable
  • Microsoft wants to make the experience more mobile across all devices
  • Today Windows customers are spread across different versions4
  • Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for Windows 7 (only for the first year after RTM) and Windows 8(.1) users
  • Upcoming a demonstration of Windows 10, including Windows 10 running on Windows Phone
  • Now talking Joe Belfiore, the Corporate Vice President, Operating Systems Group at Microsoft



  • New startscreen
  • 6New action menu
  •  Shows how he easily switched between laptop and tablet mode on Windows 10 device (Called Continuum, transforms from touch only, to regular mouse/keyboard controlled)7
  • Same gestures work on all devices and applications
  • Tablet running Tablet mode can switch to regular Windows mode, works like a tablet on the move, works like a desktop when docked.
  • He’s going to demo unfinished builds, expect glitches!
  • He’s going to announce new features expected in 3-4-5 months
  • Showing a demonstration of Cortana
  • Cortana now available in 7 languages, now also available on PC


  • More coming, early builds folks, early builds!
  • Cortana will show notifications on the PC, will be a personal assistant. Shows (and reads) weather, has local relevance
  • Will continue to learn new things
  • Cortana should feel like a trusted personal assistant. Can tell you what she knows about you, but only what you let her know. She has a notebook where you can see what she knows about you
  • You can add and delete new interests and these make her smarter
  • Onto Windows 10 on mobile, showing Windows 10 on Lumia smartphone
  • Recently installed apps on top of application list
  • Improved notification area, all consistent when going from one device to another (when running Windows 10)




  • Windows 10 will have a new way of text input
  • You can use speech to input text, is able to recognize hashtags, contacts, is able to do punctuation
  • Improved messaging, showing unfinished code
  • Skype will be central part of Microsoft’s messaging platform


  • Upcoming: Universal Apps
  • Apps that work across all kinds of devices
  • Office Universal Apps
  • Word, Excel and Powerpoint will be included with Windows 10 for mobile
  • Ribbon comes to mobile! Nearly no compromises when using Office on mobile compared to the desktop


  • Documents roam across devices, it’s available on all your devices running Windows 10
  • Will support wireless printing
  • Outlook Universal app coming (phone, tablet, PC)
  • Outlook on mobile using mobile Word engine
  • Geeks, you can look under the hood and adapt the “sourcecode” of Word documents!
  • Looks the same on PC and mobile




  • Universal Apps use the same code on both the PC and the mobile device
  • Pictures and documents are synced across all devices using OneDrive. Picture app will eliminate duplicates, will enhance pictures (remove red eyes, tone skin etc.) and hides burst shots
  • Getting a lot of “Google already did that” moments
  • Microsoft will make it possible to store your entire music collection on your OneDrive
  • We’re going to talk about the web folks!
  • It’s the new browser! Project Spartan, new rendering engine, new look and feel
  • Three new significant new features
  • Fits in the new design language of Windows 10
  • Not in the new builds, later on the phone
  • 151st major feature: Note taking modus
  • Entire page is saved, links still working, comments and notes can be added (like on Word)



  • 2nd major feature: Read mode
  • The same format to read webpages, which you can adapt by yourself
  • You can create a reading list, also with offline content


  • 3rd major feature: Cortana build into Spartan
  • Assists you while browsing with suggestions and features. E.g when searching for a  flight it has learned which flight and shows it in the address bar
  • When searching for a restaurant Cortana gives directions, can make reservations, show reviews
  • When you see a word you don’t know, right click and Cortana will explain


  • The new features of today come in 3 – 5 months to Windows Insiders
  • Now Phil Spencer head of gaming


  • Gaming on Windows 10 will be more social and interactive
  • All comes together in Xbox App on Windows 10
  • Starts with My Games and My Friends
  • Activity feed lists all important gaming moments for you and your friends
  • Stay in touch with friends through messaging (voice and text chat)


  • Game DVR feature on Windows 10 (Demonstration Beyond Earth)
  • Windows + G allows saving gameplay clips
  • Possible to continue to record the last 30 seconds of gameplay for unexpected moments
  • And yes folks, you can share this to other people, where you want
  • DirectX demo, showing difference between DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 on the same piece of hardware
  • DirectX 12 is an improvement people! DirectX 12 gets direct control to CPU and GPU, claims 50% improvement
  • DirectX 12 comes to mobile too, for better battery life. Power consumption cut in half
  • Hundreds of studios support DirectX 12, Unity and Unreal Engine will support it too
  • Demos Fable running on Xbox One with female with British accent


  • Guy is playing on Windows 10 PC and joins female on Xbox One. So you can play together while both on different hardware! (Xbox One vs. PC)
  • Achievements also supported on Windows 10
  • Console Exclusive games can be streamed from Windows 10 devices
  • Now demos playing Forza Horizon 2 on Xbox One, while streaming to Surface 3 device


  • You’ll get the commitment of the Xbox team that they will treat Windows 10 as a full platform too, gamer is at the center. More info coming on a big gamer conference in March


  • Next week new build of Windows 10 and soon after Windows 10 for phone, in 25 languages
  • New device for the Windows family
  • Microsoft Surface Hub, 48″ display
  • Wifi, sensors Bluetooth, mic, NFC, one cable to get started
  • Fluid writing (Digital whiteboard)
  • And folks, it runs on Windows 10





  • You can share what’s on the board, no more pic taking of the display
  • You can make a conference call on the Surface Hub, the other participants can see what’s on your screen too. For conferencing there’s Skype for Business


  • Ink back, sync back, what you do on the hub can be seen on other connected Windows 10 devices
  • Now: Alex Kidman
  • He’s talking about Holograms!



  • It already works, and participants of the Windows Live event will get a demonstration
  • “It seems impossible, but in software nothing is impossible”
  • “Holograms can become part of our every day life”
  • Every Windows 10 device has Hologram APIs enabled
  • All Universal apps can become holograms


  • HoloLens, new device to show Holograms
  • See through HD glasses
  • Advanced sensors
  • Spacious sound
  • Comes with build in CPU and GPU
  • Has a new type of processor: the holographic processor
  • All without no wires


  • No connection to a PC, no mobile, no wires, no markers required to use the device



  • Shows videos that are virtually on Mars through HoloLens
  • Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO on stage now
  • This guy really changed Microsoft. He wants us to love and chose Windows 10
  • Windows 10 is  build for a world where everything is digitally immediated
  • Windows 10 is build for a world where there are more devices than people, where you not only consume but also generate data
  • Now summing up what Microsoft already announced
  • Mobility is no longer about a single device, but switching between devices
  • Holographic Minecraft and Holographic Skype will be demonstrated to journalists
  • New Microsoft hardware will be coming up, including flagship Windows phones

The end. That’s all folks, thanks for reading! We’d love to hear from you what you think about all Microsoft announcements.