Microsoft reveals Windows 10’s new ‘setup experience for privacy settings’

Posted 07 March 2018 17:50 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Windows 10 will get a new ‘privacy screen’ that should improve the ‘privacy setup experience’ of the operating system. The new design should assist users with making choices about their privacy and offers two new settings for Inking & Typing and Find My Device.

Through the privacy screen, users can choose how Windows 10 has to deal with location and diagnostic data, data collected through voice recognition and other potentially privacy sensitive settings. In case of the new Inking & Typing setting, users can disable sending data back to Microsoft. When enabled, the data is used to, “improve language recognition and suggestion capabilities of apps and services.”

The Find My Device feature can only be used in conjunction with a Microsoft account. And because it uses the device’s location, Microsoft has also added a setting for this feature, so users can enable or disable it from the privacy screen.

The new privacy screen will first be released to Windows Insiders and in two different designs. One group of Windows Insiders will see all settings on a single screen with all settings enabled by default. Another group will receive seven separate screens. Each screen is dedicated to a single privacy setting and Microsoft’s recommend settings are indicated by a dotted line. On each screen, users will need to make a choice before they can move to the next screen.

The new privacy screen should become available to all Windows 10 users with the upcoming Redstone 4 update that is scheduled for this spring.

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