Microsoft stops sales of Windows 8.1 Pro Pack and Media Pack this month

At the end of this month Microsoft will stop selling Upgrade Packs for Windows 8.x which means users are no longer able to update to a Pro version with Media Center. As of October 30, 2015, the Windows 8 and 8.1 Pro Pack (which upgraded Windows 8 Home or 8.1 Home to Windows 8 Pro or 8.1 Pro, with Media Center) and Media Pack (which added Media Center to Windows 8 Pro or 8.1 Pro) are no longer available for purchase from Microsoft.


Currently the Windows 8.1 Pro Pack sells for $159 on Amazon, adding Media Center to Windows 8.1 Home and making it Pro currently costs $99.99 when purchased from Microsoft, When you’re already on Windows 8.1 Pro, the update with Media Center is $9.99.

Previously purchased feature pack licenses will continue to work, and valid feature packs may still be available for purchase from third-party retailers. Media Center is also no longer available in Windows 10 but there are many free and open source alternatives such as Kodi and MediaPortal.