Microsoft Surface 2 video shows Windows 8 start menu – in error?

In an announcement video of the Surface 2 tablet, Microsoft accidentally showed a start menu that will never  make it into future versions of Windows.  Microsoft removed the classic start button and start menu since Windows 8, which had always been part of previous versions of Windows.  Microsoft has added a start tip in Windows 8.1 which is a small button in the bottom left that shows some applications but still in Metro style.


The start menu in the video resembles the old start menu and has some other customisations. According to Microsoft it’s a mistake, the company has pulled the video and announced it will cut out the part before it becomes available again.  The mistake is pretty dramatic as the most heard criticism on Windows 8 is the switch to Metro and the disappearance of the start menu and start button.

Yesterday Microsoft announced the Surface tablets which should have better performance, improved battery life and a better camera. Microsoft also adds 200 GB Skydrive storage and a year unlimited calls to over 60 countries.

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