Microsoft tests ‘Controlled Folders’ in Windows 10 to protect against ransomware

Microsoft has added a new security measure against ransomware in a test build of Windows 10. The software giant calls the measure ‘Controlled Folders’ which works by monitoring user specified folders and blocking suspicious behavior.

Microsoft tests 'Controlled Folders' in Windows 10 to protect against ransomware

Controlled Folders has been added to an Insider’s build for users in the Fast Ring who should get access to the feature in the coming days. The build is a test version of the Fall Creators Update that is scheduled for the end of this year.

Microsoft has added the Controlled Folders feature as a setting in Windows Defender, the built-in anti malware application in Windows. When users mark a folder as being a Controlled Folder, then only software which is not blacklisted can make modifications. If the software isn’t trusted then Defender blocks the modifications and warns the user, who can then decide to manually allow the software to make changes nevertheless.


The feature should make,  “it easier for you to protect valuable data from malicious apps and threats, such as ransomware”, Microsoft writes on its website.