Microsoft Updates 365 Platform, Debuts New Built-In Tools


Multinational technology company Microsoft Corporation rolls out new data encryption, and built-in tools, specially designed to Microsoft 365 platform.

In this year’s Inspire Partners Conference, the company introduced new security, risk management, and compliance tools to protect data of users, as people shift to remote work. The new products help businesses protect their data better, reducing data leaks.


The announcement included a preview of the Microsoft Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Double Key Encryption, and the new Insider Risk Management. Additionally, Microsoft also unveils new tools in the Microsoft Teams to streamline productivity while working from home.

Microsoft Debuts New Built-In Tools

“This whole shift to remote work has really increased the need for organizations to re-evaluate their security, compliance, and risk management practices,” said senior director Alym Rayani.


With a lot of company employees accessing corporate data in an unprotected platform or environment, sharing and collaborating create more risks for data leaks. These leaks and breaches are costly, which is why companies need to prioritize security over anything else.

Double Key Encryption

The new feature of the Microsoft 365 called Double Key Encryption was highlighted in the conference, with businesses getting better security and control over the encryption key.

The company stated, “It uses two keys to protect your data—one key in control, and a second key is stored securely in Microsoft Azure.” Viewing data with the Double Key Encryption requires access to these two keys, so data remain protected and accessible for authorized individuals.

Microsoft said this new feature is designed for ‘highly regulated industries’ such as healthcare and finance companies. These businesses require a high level of data protection as they store sensitive information of clients.

Data Loss Protection

Meanwhile, the tech company also created a built-in tool in the Microsoft 365 platform to extend the security measures in Word, PowerPoint, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Exchange. This technology brings security capabilities to the highest level, protecting information without restrictions on the apps.

DLP also extends to third-party applications like Dropbox. If someone tries to copy a file using Microsoft Edge, an alert or notification will appear. This technology can also be used in Windows 10 and Edge browser, and there’s no software needed to install it.

All these Microsoft products are available for public preview. The company will release an update on the Windows 10 to make the products generally available for all users.