Microsoft wants personal data of Comcast subscriber who activated thousands of stolen Windows keys

Microsoft wants the personal details of a Comcast subscriber that has activated thousands of copies of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server and Office 10 using stolen or abused codes. The company has asked a federal judge permission to serve Comcast with a subpoena to identify the pirate.


So far Microsoft has been unable to trace the pirate that activated thousands of stolen Office and Windows keys. According to Computerworld, the keys were stolen from Microsoft’s supply chain and a single IP address was used to activate the products.

The only information Microsoft was able to obtain about the pirate is the used IP address and the date and time of each attempt of the user to activate the stolen keys. Therefore the company wants the personal details of the owner of the IP address which belongs to a Comcast subscriber.

Also, if the actual ISP of the user is a Comcast downstream ISP, Microsoft wants that ISP’s name and the right to subpoena that firm as well.

If Microsoft is able to find the pirate he will have to pay all general, special, actual, and statutory damages for pirating the software.