‘Microsoft will no longer offer Windows 10 S as separate OS’

Posted 04 February 2018 08:42 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Microsoft will no longer offer its Chrome OS competitor, Windows 10 S, as a separate version. Instead, there will be a ‘Windows 10 S mode’ integrated in all Windows 10 versions. This means all Windows 10 versions can be set in a mode where users can only install apps from the Microsoft Store.


The news comes from Brad Sams who discovered the information in a document about Redstone 4, an upcoming update for Windows 10.

Microsoft revealed Windows 10 S in May 2017 as a more secure and faster Windows 10 version. Windows 10 S users can only download apps from the Microsoft Store.

However, this also limits users as not all software can be found as app in the Microsoft Store. Users who want to download software that can’t be found in the Store only have the option to switch to the full version of Windows 10. Fortunately for them, upgrading to a full Windows 10 version is currently free. Microsoft announced in September last year, that users could switch to Windows 10 Pro for free until March 2018.

The future for 10 S is unclear, the integration of Windows 10 S with Windows 10 is planned for the next Windows Update code named Redstone 4. This update is planned for the first quarter of 2018.

According to Sams, Windows 10 S will also get the possibility to install antivirus and security software. How that will work is unknown, Microsoft initially promoted 10 S as a secure operating system that wouldn’t need any security software.

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