Microsoft: Windows 10 to boost Bing search queries with 10-15%

Microsoft expects a boost in usage of its search engine Bing now Windows 10 is released. Bing’s advertising team expects to see 10-15% more search queries the coming months. The page where General Manager of Microsoft Search Advertising, David Pann, posted the info was removed for some reason but is still accessible from Google’s cache.


The post is targeted to advertisers interested in advertising on Bing. Advertisers are interested in reaching as many users as possible and with Windows 10, Bing is everywhere, as Pann writes,  “Windows 10 puts Bing and Cortana at your service when and where you need them, without having to leave what you’re doing to launch a browser – even if you can’t spell or type.”

Also Microsoft’s new browser, Edge, should make sure more users will search with Bing, “When users launch the new Microsoft Edge browser, they will see the brand new MSN – optimized for search. Only Edge has Cortana built right into the address bar.”

Also the taskbar features an universal search bar that brings users to Bing.  Windows 10 was officially released yesterday, Microsoft aim to have more than 1 billion devices to run the operating system.