Microsoft: Windows 10 without password is safer

Windows 10 users will soon no longer need a password to login because it will also become possible to get access to the system through facial recognition, iris scan or fingerprint. This is not only faster and easier but also a lot safer, according to Microsoft.


Using Windows Hello, as the biometric authentication system is called, requires special hardware such as a fingerprint scanner, Intel’s RealSense technology or other biometric sensors. The coming time more devices that support Windows Hello should become available. The biometric information of the user will only be locally stored on the device, according to the technology giant.

Windows 10 will also support “Microsoft Passport” for business users. With this feature the password of the user, whether it’s a traditional password, pincode or Windows Hello, is stored on the laptop, PC or tablet. As soon as the device is authenticated users can get access to websites, applications and services allowed by their organisation through Passport.


“With Microsoft Passport and Windows 10 is storing passwords on a server history. Hackers therefore only have access to your password when they steal your device. And in that case they are, thanks to Windows Hello, only able to login if they use your face, iris or fingerprint”, according to (Dutch) Microsoft.