Microsoft withdraws update causing Outlook to start in Safe Mode (with fix)

Microsoft has withdrawn the yesterday released Windows Update KB3114409 because it causes Outlook to start in Safe Mode. This loads the email client without customizations and plugins. Fortunately it can be easily fixed.


The patch was actually released to stop Outlook from starting in Safe Mode, but it appears something didn’t go the right way. Microsoft has decided to withdraw the update for now.

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Users affected by the update can easily stop Outlook from starting in safe mode by uninstalling the KB3114409 update.

This can be done this way: Go to your Control Panel. Go to ‘Programs and Features’ and left click ‘View installed updates’. Find KB3114409 (tip: copy/paste KB3114409 and enter it in the search field at the top right) . Once you’ve found the appropriate update, click ‘Uninstall’.

After a reboot of the computer Outlook will no longer start in safe mode.