Microsoft works on Windows for Cars with Metro GUI – screenshots

Microsoft revealed a Windows version for cars during the BUILD conference held last week in San Francisco. The interface is based on the Metro GUI, currently also used on Windows 8, Windows Phone and the Xbox.


The operating system for cars is currently in early stage and has to be thoroughly tested before it can be used in cars. Currently the company is testing it on test tracks and car simulators to see if it’s easy enough to use and doesn’t distract too much from driving.

The car OS should easily connect to Windows Phone devices for which Microsoft has added MirrorLink support. Mirrorlink is a standard supported by several car and phone manufacturers and can be used to mirror the interface of the phone to the car infotainment system. During BUILD Microsoft showed navigation, Xbox music and of course messages and calls.

The Windows for Car has familiar interface elements as it’s heavily based on Metro including the tiles known from Windows 8 and Windows Phone. The OS will also be open for applications from third parties. 

The concept is similar to Apple’s Carplay, a version of iOS for cars which was recently announced. Google is also rumored to work on an Android version for cars which is allegedly called Projected Mode. It’s unclear when Microsoft hopes to release Windows for Cars.