Microsoft: You’ll get used to Windows 8 within six weeks

Posted 18 December 2012 17:57 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff has posted an interview with Julie Larson-Green, head of the Windows product development team at Microsoft. She has taken the job of Steven Sinofsky who left Microsoft shortly after the release of Windows 8, rumors said due to a personal dispute with other Microsoft executives. Although Larson-Green only just got this job, she certainly isn’t new to Microsoft, she took the lead on the first design briefing for Windows 8 and she also led the introduction of the Ribbon interface in Microsoft Office.

In the interview she’s clear on what Microsoft is heading for. According to her, touch will become very important the coming years. While the mouse and keyboard will continue to have their place on computers, she thinks that touch will become just as important. She also adds that since she has a computer with a touch screen she can hardly imagine to use one without touch.

However she also states that she thinks that touch will coexist with the mouse and keyboard and that Windows 8 doesn’t force you to make a choice. She also goes talks about how some people think it’s confusing to have two interfaces in one operating system but goes on to say that nothing was the same anyway, as the browser and Excel also have different interfaces.

And when you think you can’t get used to Windows 8, then give it about six weeks, because according to Larson-Green there is a tippingpoint during that timeframe. She states that Microsoft is collecting terabytes of data on Windows usage and that it shows that 90% of the Windows 8 users are using the Charms bar and find the start screen the first time. After the six weeks, even if you’re a desktop user, Larson-Green says you are going to use the new things more than the things you’ve familiar with.

In the end the interviewer asks what she and her team are doing now Windows 8 has been released, unfortunately she isn’t specific, except that they are working on new technologies that can be helpful to people. We’re curious if that would be Windows 9…

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